About Us

Through market research and recent studies, Inspire Photo have found that self employed photographers often struggle to market their skilled services at an affordable cost. We all know that photography in itself is an expensive art, with high initial outlays for state of the art cameras, equipment, and computer software, often forcing the marketing of an online presence onto the backburner. In today’s world, however, we recognise that digital marketing is crucial in lifting any business to the next level, and is not something to neglect.


Here at Inspire Photo, we took that information along with our marketing experience and we created a franchise model that delivers photographers, credible marketing solutions as well as regular training support and development opportunities through our training academy. Combine this with pre-negotiated preferential rates for personalised photo products and photographic hardware and you will clearly see why Inspire Photo franchises have been so popular. We understand that even the most highly skilled, creative, and dynamic photographers can struggle with brand presence and self-advertising, which is why we provide comprehensive support, whether it’s through social media or Google optimisation.


With Inspire, Comes Opportunity

Our recognised brand has ongoing, secure work for companies in various industries, including schools, sport, corporate events, weddings, product, travel, and family studio sessions. For photographers interested in an Inspire Photo franchise opportunity, a well established and highly regarded reputation comes with the brand, giving you a head start!


You Matter To Us!

Our photography academy will assess and develop each photography skill set through training courses and annual conferences, ensuring that our team of photographers are up to date with current techniques and innovative ideas within the industry. Our support will not only develop your Inspire Photo franchise, but your own individual skills and knowledge, giving you, and us, the confidence in your ability, creativity, and dynamism. We regularly asses our top selling products and most popular options and you will be educated to understand what direction the market is moving in and how to capitalise on product innovations. 


Photo Printing Professionals

We love to add the personal touch for each and every client. Taking your favourite images, we can lovingly print them onto a range of fun and quirky personalised photo products, including mugs and calendars. We can even create a photobook, letting you browse your favourite memories for years to come. A personal photo gift shows you care, so why not make someone’s day? Great gifts bring big grins!