Inspire Photo Academy

In a constantly evolving industry, staying up to date with the most current advances in techniques can be tricky, and balancing this with regular work can become near impossible. In these situations, you need a helping hand, which is where Inspire Photo comes in. We provide all our franchise photographers with the opportunity to better their skill set, develop their technique, and expand on their industry knowledge.

Our academy will assess your current skills and build upon these with industry leading information and innovation to ensure that our full team of photographers is fully capable and confident in working with a whole range of clients, from equestrian trainers to corporate headshots. Keeping up to date is really important in an industry that works so heavily with technology. The possibilities in photography are truly out of this world, and more advanced than many could imagine, so why not learn about these aspects, making you the best photographer you can possibly be.

Our continued, unwavering support will encourage self growth, to develop your skills and abilities as not just an Inspire Photo professional, but also as an individual, giving you the courage to pursue client work from a wide range of industries that may be new to you. Develop your creativity and have confidence in your ideas with the help of the Inspire Photo academy.

You will be consistently educated as to where the market is developing and which products consumers are seeking the most. All franchisee sales are regularly studied and segmented so that the most popular options are at the forefront of what you are offering to potential clients. This has seen our photographers dramatically improve their sales potential and maximise annual income.

Hundreds of individuals pass through our academy every year, taking advantage of our excellent development opportunities, and being certified based on the rigorous Inspire Photo standards that are so integral to our brand. Being confident in the service we deliver is of paramount priority.


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