7 Types of Photography to Inspire Your Creativity

The world of photography is constantly growing, especially with technology always evolving. From instagram addicts taking photos with their iPhone, to professionals shooting weddings, everyone loves photography as a way of capturing memories. There’s so many different types of photography floating about the industry and we’ve shared 7 of our favourites below to inspire your creativity!

Documentary Photography

A black and white photography of an old man sat on a street

Human beings are fascinating creatures; we’re all different, we see things differently and we do things differently. Documentary photography is an amazing tool to highlight this and capture each individual interesting aspect of people and their backgrounds. If you’re trying to capture different cultures, try out this method. It’s also a fantastic way of capturing a story through imagery. Whatever the emotion or content, documentary photography can help you to make a statement and leave a legacy. To really add to the emotion being displayed in the photo, mix two different types of photography; documentary and black & white are the perfect mixture.

Macro Photography

A close up picture of bee's face using macro photography

Macro photography is one of the most fascinating types of photography; it’s used to make small things appear larger. We’ve all seen those stunning wildlife photos; you know the ones that remind you of a David Attenborough documentary? These are all captured using macro photography. There’s many different applications of macro photography but some of the most common are related to nature, particularly tiny insects and water droplets. It’s the perfect technique to capture the colours and characteristics of different insects and plants. There’s various special lenses you can get for macro photography and you can even get some for your phone!

Food Photography

A picture of a bowl of fruit, seeds and oats

Possibly the biggest trend across the online world right now, and for the last few years, is food photography. Instagram is a hub of all different types of photography, but in particular it’s the hub for food photography (#FoodPorn). Professionals and amateurs alike are posting photos all over social media that make everyone’s mouths water! Food blogging has also become a lot more common due to the popularity of photographing food. Lighting and timing are absolutely essential to capturing the perfect food snap. Remember, food doesn’t last forever, it can quickly collapse, melt and become soggy… and no-one’s mouth waters after seeing a photo of soggy food!

Aerial Photography

An aerial shot of a city's buildings

Aerial photography is the concept of capturing the Earth from above; you could say it’s a bird’s eye view. It’s one of the oldest types of photography; it came about in 1858 when photographer, Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, took an aerial shot of a small French village by putting a camera on a balloon. Nowadays, aerial photography is often shot using drones, airplanes, helicopters and even sometimes hot air balloons. It’s one of the types of photography that’s used for a vast number of reasons such as travel, archeology, urban studies, environmentalism and art.

Black & White Photography

A picture of a cat's face in black and white

Sure, there’s lots of extremely interesting types of photography out there, but isn’t it nice to sometimes keep it traditional and go back to the basics? Black & white photography is exactly what we mean by this. B&W photos are no longer a necessity, but they have become a very popular stylistic choice. You can really add drama and emotion to an image when it’s in black and white. However, it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s not about just applying a filter to the photo; contrast is extremely important to capture crisp tones and defined shadows. Long exposure can also be an effective technique to use with B&W photography.

Landscapes Photography

A picture of green mountains with a blue sky

Talking about taking things back to traditions, some of the earliest photos were taken outdoors, and still to this day one of the most popular types of photography is landscape photography. It’s extremely popular with travel photographers, whether amateur or professional; not only does it give you an excuse to find amazing sights, some photographers say it helps them to find themselves and their real passion. There’s so many beautiful landscapes all over the world to capture; some are well known and some are hidden treasures you’ll find when exploring.

Architectural Photography

A picture of city skyscrapers

Architectural photography is another one of the types of photography popular among travel photographers. The world is full of stunning buildings, both with beautiful interiors and exteriors. Effective architectural photography is all about getting the right lighting and angles to be able to capture the different textures of the building. One of our favourite concepts of architectural photography is, in a way, the opposite of aerial photography; taking a photo from the floor looking up at a city’s skyscrapers.

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