Top Advertising Methods For Promoting Your Business

If you’re looking for ways to promote your business but don’t have the money to launch a massive campaign, you may be wondering what you can do market yourself in a cost-friendly way. Here are a few marketing tactics and advertising methods you can try for boosting your business on a small budget.

New Business Cards

One of the simplest advertising methods is business cards. Investing in some new business cards and giving them out to people you meet can help promote your business. Business cards can be printed in bulk lots and are easy to distribute. If you meet with potential clients, partners, companies and investors, having a business card to hand is a good way of leaving an impression. Even just a quick glance at a business card does more to cement yourself in their memory than them trying to remember your name weeks down the line.

Try Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is one of the more creative advertising methods around. It is all about creativity and ingenuity, which makes it perfect for fitting into a budget. Guerilla marketing is often cheap and relatively easy and works well in local areas. If you’re a trendy company you can create street art, custom stickers and posters or displays that advertise your business. Chalk designs on the pavement featuring your logo, hashtag or twitter handle can work for any business. The great thing about Guerilla marketing is you can be as inventive as you like, try many different ideas to target wider groups and is highly versatile.

Host an Event

One of the best social advertising methods offline is event hosting. Events are good places to meet new people, create interest in your brand and push your company image. You can rent a space to hold your event locally and advertise in coffee shops, supermarkets, libraries, universities and other small businesses. If your business offers a service you can have an event that gives free advice or consultations for a day. Or if you sell a product you can give away free samples. Events can be as simple as a local coffee morning or bake sale that is open to the public. Local community spaces are usually happy to promote events and put up posters, and may even host the event space themselves.

Give Away Personalised Printed Products

Everyone loves free stuff. Whether you’re hosting a local event or just pitching your business at a stall, giving the public a free product with your logo on it can help market your company. Pens are popular options because people can keep them in their bags or at the office, and mugs are also a good option. Even getting balloons printed can be a great option, especially for events where children or families may be attending. If you’re at a business event where people are likely to be driving company cars, you can give away car stickers, magnets or window decals. You can personalise your products however you like and use them in any way that suits your business. Freebies are one of the best advertising methods to try.

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