Your Summer Photography Guide

While some may think summer is easily the best season to take beautiful glossy photos in, some photographers would disagree. With other seasons leading the way with their fiery colours, lushness and drama- summer can often be left at the bottom of the pile.

The reality of long and bright days are much different. Photos can often end up looking hazy, unfocused and it can be difficult working in the heat to achieve results. The quality of light can be poor. It is crucial to pick your timing right to produce optimum results of the condition of images. By following these steps for summer photography this can hopefully simplify the tediousness of the task and problems you may be faced with when trying to capture a summery assortment.

British Summer

The typical “British summer” Can often dampen the glorious concept of summer photography and put people off venturing outside to capture a pretty canvas. However, using the sorry weather to your advantage could work in your favor… Using the space to visit places such as a deserted beach could create some truly beautiful shots; before or after a storm in an open empty space. Alternatively, you can look at this as an opportunity to capture raindrops, ripples, and reflections in water to capture dramatic scenes. A cover for your camera would be a great investment in order to construct some imposing shots.


Concept Of Time & Lighting  

Using the shade as a tool to shoot images of silhouettes can be a great method to create depth to a photo. Easily-identifiable objects such as a person, skyline or tree, can contrast against sunsets and sunrises to create vibrant colour which can bring a photo to life.  

Mastering the concept of time and light in the summer such as using the sunrise and sunset to your full advantage will enhance your photography. Grasping the detail of the timing and direction of where the sunlight will illuminate each shot differently depending on the time of day and focus of light. The lighting towards the evening is often warmer and golden in comparison to the colours and temperature displayed at dawn. The light is lower and the sun looks larger creating long engaging shadows to spread across the scenery, exposing the texture and detail within the setting.


Strike of Colour

Attempt to use the dominance of the colours that emerge in the summer season-  Lush green landscape and bright blue skies? On the right day, of course. The nature surrounding you; lavender and buttercup fields can be great to capture in any light as they are illuminated and vivid in any photo.  Involving more colour to frame a photo can help climax your summer photography sessions and bring a scene to life. Using colour post-production can also be playful and exciting when editing photos and creating space, texture and substance within a photograph and bringing it to life.  


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