Food Photography Tips: Perfecting Your Food Images

Food photography is slowly taking over the online world. People are following bloggers, Instagram accounts and even Snapchat accounts just to see mouth-watering food images. Many social media users are now trying to make their food look even more appetising just for the photo; that’s why we’ve come up with our top 4 food photography tips to help you capture the perfect image. So, whether you’re an avid food blogger or just a passionate Instagrammer, keep reading to see how you can make your meals look even more delicious.

Top 4 Food Photography Tips:

  • Keep it simple
  • Know your angles
  • Lighting is key
  • Make the food colour pop

Keep It Simple

A flatlay food image of yoghurt and granola in the centre with props of dry ingredients in the background

When you’re taking food images, think of them a little like a flatlay. When you take a flatlay photo, you want the background to be really clean and clear of any clutter; the same applies for your food photography. You want to get rid of any clutter that could distract people from looking at the food. However, what can be really effective in food photos is props. Layering props can add fantastic detail to your photo; choose simple props like a drink or dry ingredients such as sprinkles from cupcakes.

Know Your Angles

A picture of a pizza taken from above with various ingredient props around it

Angles are everything in any photography; we always like to say that we have a “good angle” and it’s exactly the same for food images. Test a few different angles out to see which is your food’s good angle. Does it look best from above? Does the side capture it better? Would a 45 degree angle work well? Food like pizza, for example, usually looks best from above. If part of your food is slightly burnt, choose an angle that crops that bit out.

Lighting Is Key

A picture of a salad with backlight on it to make it glisten

Lighting will either make or break your food images. Natural lighting is often the best choice as it can capture shadowing perfectly. Lighting from behind food can also make it look more appealing; this is particularly effective with salads as it can make them really glisten. Try lighting in different rooms or different areas of a room to find the perfect spot.

Make The Food Colour Pop

A picture of colourful macarons with a dark background

The final of our food photography tips is to make the colour of your food really pop. You want your food to be the centre of attention in the photo, so don’t outstage it with lots of colourful props around it. Choose neutral, simple props and, if needed, do a little bit of editing to make the colour of your food pop more.

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