Photography Tips: Capturing Moments of Your Pets

For many people, pets are a huge part of life; they can complete a family. So just like capturing memories with family and friends, they also want to capture moments of their pets. One of the main problems? Pet photography is not easy if you don’t know any photography tips! Pets have a mind of their own; as soon as you get the camera out they’ll usually walk away or come up and rub against it or wipe their nose on it. To help you out, we’ve shared a few of our top photography tips to help you capture those perfect moments of your family animal.

Be Patient

A picture of a dog lying on a floor

With anything in life, patience is a virtue, but it really is a quality you need for pet photography. Animals get distracted very easily, just like a child would, so it’s important that you’re patient and wait for them to feel comfortable. Let them get used to the camera; if they need to rub against it or rub their wet nose on it, let them! If you’re planning on using flash, you’ll definitely need to let them get used to it by testing it out a few times before you go into capturing the shots you want.

Get Their Attention

A picture of a dog playing with a ball

One of the most important pet photography tips is making sure you know how to get their attention. Essentially, you’ll need to use some sort of bribery in order to get their attention for the shot. Treats and toys work fantastically for getting the attention of animals. You may also need to get someone to help with getting the attention of your pet whilst you snap the photo.


A picture of a pug in dark lighting

This one features in the majority of our photography tips; lighting is always essential no matter what you’re capturing. Natural lighting is the cheapest but it’s important to know what times of the day the lighting is best. It’s recommended to take photos early morning or late afternoon to avoid the harsh shadows you get around midday.

Up Close And Personal

A close up picture of a cat

Pet photography is most effective when it feels personal; the best way to achieve this is to get close to your pet. Get down on their level so that it has the kind of personal feel you’d get with a photo of a person. You’ll be surprised how much more of an impact it’ll have on the photo.

Candid Shots

A picture of two dogs playing on a beach

Posed shots are great, but candid shots of pets are an amazing way to really capture the unique personality of your pet. Ensure that the focus mode on your camera is set to continuous focusing so that it will always focus on your pet even whilst it’s moving. Alternatively, set your camera to continuous shooting mode.

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