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Portrait Photography Tips and Tricks

We have created portraits of one another since the beginning of human existence to document appearances. We have come a long way throughout history to capture appearance, from using rocks and charcoal to modern day photography. Although portrait photography centres itself around capturing the face, it is also a form of art that represents the person’s attitude and personality. It is important to understand the basics of capturing a great portrait photo and this includes a number of approaches: environmental, constructionist, candid, and creative. These elements are the main points photographers go by to capture the perfect portrait. Let’s discuss in more detail our top tips and tricks on how to achieve this.


Framing your subject and getting to grips with different ways this could be possible is a great start. Framing an image is a way of drawing attention to a point of interest within your shot. You can focus specifically on the eyes, the mouth, or corner off a section of the face to highlight and enhance certain features. This adds depth to the photo and makes the subject more engaging. You can achieve this by placing your client within a doorway or through a window, having them look through a small gap, or covering their face with their hands. Filling the frame with your client is also an interesting approach, capturing tight photos and not being afraid to zoom in can also create a great shot.

Playful Backgrounds

A portrait photo is all about the person and mainly focuses on the face. While this is important to understand, it is also essential to consider the background you choose. Changing the background can alter the tone and mood of the photo that you wish to create. For example, a minimal background can really compliment a black and white photo, in comparison to a bright and colourful background that can help your subject really stand out. The key to this is really to experiment to see what works best.


Introducing movement to your portrait photography is an interesting way to add excitement and life into a static portrait, making your subject move whilst taking shots, having a moving background behind them or moving your camera and lens to achieve a zoom burst. The key to achieving these three techniques is to fast shutter your camera to ‘freeze’ the image whilst your client is moving.

Expression and Manner

It can be the expression of the face that makes a portrait; experimenting with your subject by using different expressions creates depth, emotion and life to your photo. Shooting uncommon and raw expressions to the client’s face is a fantastic way to gain attention to your portrait photography.


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