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Seasonal Photography: Capture All Year-round

The seasons steer constant change and can give photographers the greatest gifts as well as the biggest obstacles when trying to capture the perfect scene. Each season is a different segment that comes with advantages and drawbacks. We highlight the best ways you can take advantage and gain control of seasonal photography and how to adapt to these changes to create the perfect setting.


Spring marks the fresh start to a year of change in seasonal photography. As the winter draws to a close, the greenery and seasonal flowers begin to slowly appear again. However, some of the greatest challenges for photographers (particularly in early spring) can be the lack of leaves on the trees, making it harder to avoid direct sunlight and shadows. The weather can also be very unpredictable, so we would advise that you check on the weather updates and forecasts in advance before going out, and making sure you are equipped with the right water-proofs and rain-protection for your camera.


You wouldn’t guess it, but Summer can often be one of the most challenging periods for seasonal photography, whilst it may offer many opportunities, it can also hinder on potential photographs, due to modern cameras not having the ability to capture the dynamic range your eyes can detect. Dropping the exposure on your camera settings on a bright and sunny day will help to eliminate issues like this that can affect the quality of your photos. With the setbacks that may come with this season, Summer provides longer and brighter days, making it more pleasant to get outdoors, allowing more time to take photos and dry days provide room for more equipment and lighting.


Autumnal seasonal photography can be a beautiful transition to capture. Vibrant greens turn into golden browns, reds and oranges. Providing a beautiful colour pallet to work with. The light exposure is softer and creates a subtle filter to a photograph. Autumn provides mild weather and adds colour and interest to your setting and photos. With the advantages of this season, disadvantages can include the shorter days, and the weather can be very unpredictable, so always be prepared and properly equipped.


Winter can be a very interesting season full of opportunities. Frost and snow can provide beautiful landscapes for you to work with. The sunrise is much later on in the day and sunset much earlier in the day, whilst this can be seen as a disadvantage, this kind of light provides a golden hour and beautiful lighting to capture some sensational seasonal photography shots. The downfalls of this season is the cold, unpredictable weather it can bring. Cold weather and rain require you to prepare and dress appropriately.


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