Top 3 Photography Techniques

Photography is ever-changing, which can be a little complicated to keep up with if you work in the industry. It’s important to have varied skills in the art or specialise in a specific technique in order to be successful. There are lots of photography techniques out there, but below we’ve shared our top 3 favourite techniques to help inspire you.

Motion Blur

A picture of a moving sports car using the motion blur effect

Motion blur is a technique used to capture moving objects such as vehicles. It’s also a particularly popular technique for sports photography. It’s definitely not one of the most simple photography techniques out there but it can be extremely effective. For a motion blur effect, you want to slow down your shutter and use a sturdy tripod. As your subject approaches, release the shutter gently and pan smoothly. This technique is much easier if your subject is moving in a straight line.

Black & White

A black and white photo of a little girl walking, carrying a big bear

When done successfully, black and white photography can really convey a lot of deep emotion in one photo. It may seem like a simple technique but it’s not just about adding a black and white filter to a photo or adjusting the setting on your camera to black and white. It’s really important to focus on lines and shadows; bold, dark lines can be particularly effective in monochrome photographs.

Night Photography

A picture of a city skyline at night

When the sun goes down and the bright day turns into a dark evening, there’s so many opportunities to create great photographs. To help capture fantastic photos at night, you’ll want a super slow shutter speed. You’re also going to need a very steady camera, so we suggest getting a tripod to help you.

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