Do you have an interest in a career in the photography industry but need to brush up on your skills a little? Or, are you just getting into photography and don’t know what to start with? Below, we’ve collated and shared our top 5 photography ideas for beginners to use to practice their photo snapping skills.

Food Glorious Food

A picture of a cake and a coffee next to it

Food is great place to start when embarking on your photography journey and is usually how people find their passion with the art. Whether you’re out and about, brunching & lunching, or you’ve been baking at home, get your camera out and take a picture before it goes into your stomach! Food photography is great for getting used to lighting on still objects and you can play around with focusing on certain aspects. We’ve got a whole blog on food photography tips on our website, have a read!

Embrace Nature

A picture of trees in a woodland forest

If you’re wanting to play around with different colours and textures, get outside and embrace the world’s nature! Go into your garden and take photos of the flowers. Or go for a walk through woodlands where there’s endless possibilities for photography ideas. You can get some fantastic photos during the day in addition to at night if you have a good flash or artificial light to use.

Bright Lights and the Big City

A picture of London at night showing the River Thames with lit up buildings on each side and the London Eye

Cities offer a variety of opportunities to inspire you with photography ideas. Capturing buildings with quirky angles can look really professional. Or, find a position at night to capture all of the buildings looking stunning when they’re all lit up. If you’re in London, find a position where you can capture the London Eye too!

Moving Vehicles

A picture of blurred out moving vehicles at night on a main road

Want to play around with different shutter speeds? Moving vehicles are a great place to start to get practicing. Do you want to blur out the moving vehicles completely or just focus on one with everything blurred around it? Play around with your shutter speeds to see what works for you.

Friends and Family

A picture of a couple walking through a park

To get used to taking photos of people rather than objects, get your friends and family to model for you! Play around with having a photoshoot or take candid shots whilst you’re out and about. Mix some of our photography ideas together and take photos of your friends or family outside in nature such as the woodlands.

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