Top Tips For Candid Photography

What is Candid Photography?

Candid photography is becoming an increasingly popular form of photography in the industry as it makes the subjects seem more genuine and personable. It is now even preferable on social media, with candid photos embodying the idea of ‘celebrity’, whilst also seeming less vain then a selfie. With summer coming around you want to get some candids of all the fun events you’re going to, but what is candid photography, and how do you take candid photographs?

What Does Candid Mean?

Candid photography is an informal photography style that is defined by capturing moments of your subject unawares. It is a popular technique at events because it shows people having fun, enjoying themselves and interacting naturally. It is often used to display tender or personal moments of emotion and can give a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the lives of people, and can tell a story to the viewer.  Candid photographs take ‘real’ pictures of people, which, with the saturation of selfies, is growing in demand.

Candid Photography is a couple in the sun talking

How To Take Candid Photos

Candids can bring an element of authenticity and story to your photographs, but there’s more to it then getting your camera out and clicking a button. Candid photography takes patience, examination and creativity. Here are our top tips for taking candid photographs this summer.

1. Take Your Camera With You

Photo opportunities are everywhere; on the train, in a busy street, at a party. If you don’t have your camera on you you can miss precious moments that would make perfect candid photographs. Having your camera on you regularly gives you more opportunities to take candid photographs and you never know when the perfect photograph will come up, so be prepared to whip the camera out at short notice to get that perfect shot.

2. Photograph Often

Having your camera with you means nothing if you’re not prepared to have it in your hands. If you’re at an event or a wedding you may be tempted to put the camera down, have a drink and drop some moves on the dance floor. But candid photography works because it captures the moments that can be missed or overlooked while off doing more exciting things. A toddler shovelling wedding cake into their face makes for a perfect candid, so make sure you’re taking pictures everywhere and often.

3. Be Observant

People are different and all have unique personalities. Following your friends around and taking candids may be a fun way to get into the swing of things, but real candid photographers observe the people and situations around them for inspiration. Candid photography is all about capturing individual moments, showing character and individuality. Observing the people around you and looking at how they behave, their quirks and how they interact with each other is fundamental in taking good candid photographs.

4. Get Involved

While candid photography is primarily about capturing spontaneous moments from others, there’s no harm in getting up close and involved in the action. Standing back from the crowd may work for some shots, but others will require getting into people’s personal space. If you want to capture the look of joy on the Mother of the Bride, you’ll need to be able to see her face. If you want to show people enjoying a party and dancing, you’ll need to be on the dance floor with them. Being involved allows you to capture to spirit of the occasion and get some truly exclusive shots.

5. Be Sneaky

When people think they’re being photographed they can become self-conscious and behave differently. Strategically placing yourself so that the subject isn’t aware of you taking their photo is a great way of making sure your photographs remain natural looking. There’s no need to be creepy or follow people around, but positioning yourself in such a way that people don’t know you’re around or don’t realise you have your camera out is a good way of guaranteeing you get relaxed, playful candid photographs.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at some amazing examples of candid photography from around the world. For more photography tips, get in touch with Inspire Photo! Give us a call on 0800 061 4015 to find out more tips or information about the services we offer. Or, fill out our online contact form and a member of the team will get in touch.