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Top Tips for the Perfect Family Photography Shoot

Attempting to bring the whole family together at once can be a challenge, let alone attempting to take an acceptable family portrait that everyone is happy with. Whether you decide to have your family photos professionally taken, or you have a good camera you are eager to use yourself, follow our latest guide in preparing yourself for a fun family photography session to create some beautiful shots that you can treasure forever.

The Right Light: Outdoors

Lighting is one of the main factors to take into consideration when it comes down to cracking family photography. Natural sunlight in the early morning or the famously flattering ‘golden hour’ lighting the sun provides in the evening are two sources of natural light that create a soft and favourable effect. At these particular times of the day, sunlight is diffused and more forgiving on the face, as it is soft and provides warm tones. Positioning your subject to directly face the sun will produce a stunning quality without them having to squint and feel uncomfortable looking into the light. Flash won’t be necessary either – so this kind of natural lighting is key for those attempting their own family photography.

The Right Light: Indoors

Lighting indoors can be a tricky subject to work with. If you are restricted from natural lighting indoors, try to focus on positioning your subjects in front of a white wall or draped white material, (such as a sheet or veil). White acts as a diffuser to light and reflects a soft light which is favourable and aesthetically pleasing to work with.

Candid Over Posed Photos

Although the posed and polished family portraits can be special shots that you can cherish, it can be difficult to create a look that’s glossy and posed without it looking too forced- especially if you have young children (this can easily turn into a military operation for some families). We would suggest letting your energy and silliness free to create an organic flow of natural shots, enabling your family photography session to become less of a stressful ‘chore’ and more of a fun activity for you all to enjoy and let your personality shine through.

Keep It Interesting

If you’re a family with little ones or have a big family to keep entertained, it’s important you keep the family photography session interesting and fun. Not only does this keep the kids content, but you can capture some amazing natural smiles, expressions and moments that will defeat the rigid, corporate poses. Releasing some energy by getting your family to run, dance, give one another a piggyback and play will relax your subjects, making the experience more enjoyable and easier to capture some special moments.

Make It Personal

Every family is different, so no matter what your style, have fun with it, and remember that practice makes perfect. Choosing different settings on your camera, playing with flash and other lighting settings, or simply changing a photo to black and white can make all the difference to a photograph. So experiment and enjoy this time by bringing the family together to create happy memories you can cherish for years to come.


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